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                  My Services

                  What I Love to Do

                  Skills & Abilities

                  What I Love to Do

                  HTML & CSS 95%
                  JavaScript 85%

                  Jobs & Experience

                  What I Love to Do

                  2014 - 2016

                  Project Manager

                  University of Oxford

                  2013 - 2014

                  Ui Design & Developer


                  2012 - 2013

                  Junior Front-End Developer

                  Company Ltd.

                  2010 - 2012

                  Graphic Designer

                  Company Inc.

                  My Projects

                  What I Love to Do

                  Satisfied Clients

                  What I Love to Do


                  Digital Market Place


                  Made for Elite Clients


                  Won On Contests

                  My Clients

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                  Contact Me

                  What I Love to Do


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